Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life
Lots Of Digidiz Love!

Digidizem is a way of life, that came into existance after living the simple and beautiful universe as is. A way of life takes every aspect of life into consideration when it comes to reality.
As such, Digidizem has some slang and some culture about it.
Here you can read about them and if you would like, enjoy them as well.

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Lots Of Digidiz Love!
Lots Of Digidiz Love!

Some everyday terminology:

This is my common answer to most questions such as: "how are you?", "how did it go?", "was it good?", "O.K.?" and so on. It means as you could assume: "Awesome", "Wonderful", "Great" or in another context: "no problem" or "got it".
Some times to enhance even this meaning to an ever more superior expression of awesomeness, the Digidi Best term is practiced.

This is the opposite of Digidi, generally meaning: "good for nothing." or "lame".

You might hear me call people Chonchi or Choncha , which means: dude or dudette.

The pure self being. The essence of the one. A human is the picture of his Dizem. An animal, a flower, a rock, earth and everything at all, is only as alive as its Dizem. It is like the Chinese Chi, like the Vitalism Vital Force and the Islamic Barakkah. The difference, maybe the only one, is that the Dizem is 100% substance, nothing more than a game of Centrifugal force, Atoms, Conductivity and Electromagnetism. In two words: Biological and Natural.

Dem Digidiz:
A person who practices the ways of Digidizem is not called a Digidist, as one would assume, but Dem Digidiz.

Lots Of Digidiz Love!

The cultural idea:

Some sentences of the thought:
1. The major reason to always look on the bright side of life is that you can't see anything on the dark side anyway.
2. He who does not treat life with a smile, the smile does not treat him in life.
3. Life is a game of Scissors-Paper-Rock, every element has superiority over one element and inferiority to the other, thus creating harmony and giving skill and chance the option to mingle together so that you win some and you lose some, but it's always a surprise.

Digidizem Symmetry:
If you take the syllables of the word digidi and say it in the opposite direction: it is still digidi! If you cut the symbol of Digidizem into two vertical parts, the left side is exactly the same as the right side!

Times for party:

Parties, celebrations and festivals are a very important issue. It is a reason to be happy for those who seek it, but more importantly it is a time for luxury, time for relaxation and time for bonding, things that are easily forgotten by so many people in their everlasting race of life.

Digidizem as well, has some parties going on, for the fun, relaxation and bonding of it. It goes like this:

These are the celebrations purely for the love of life. they are dateless though they re-occur every 90 days in a circle of five themes, hence the name Fives. Every round is 4 days long. The rounds are:
The first celebration on the round is the celebration of creation. It is represented with red, orange, yellow and golden colors. It is the fire, the sun. It represents the importance and the power of creation. One of the most vital signs of success and well-being is the existence of creation in life. One who has the power to create, has the basic power of bliss in him.
The second celebration on the round is the celebration of growth. It is represented with brown, green and emerald colors. It is the trees and the grass. It represents the next stage of creation, after things come into existence they grow, and they feed and given the proper care they prosper. This growth and prosperity are the tools that brought all that there is today, and it is the openings to the creations of tomorrow.
The third celebration on the round is the celebration of acceptance. It is represented with blue, teal and Turquoise colors and also the no-color transparency. It is water. It represents the place for growth, the infinite possibilities available in this universe when given the time, the place and the option to grow. It is the principle where everything has place, and it is one of the important stages towards every single kind of peace.
The fourth celebration on the round is the celebration of freedom. It is represented with white and silver colors. It is the wind, the lightning. It represents the last stage of evolving, after creation has been done, grown and accepted, when it is time to set it free and let it become a thing of its own. A new existence that is on its way to be able to make the same round all over again.
The fifth celebration on the round is the celebration of being. It is represented with grey, black and beige colors. It is the earth, rocks, metals and sand. It represents the existence of an essence. Everything, even the most changeable thing, has a basic essence. It is solid and ever existing. When there is a solid knowledge of the essence, everything transforms from possible to actual.

The 23rd Of:
This is a celebration of friendship, family and support. It is celebrated every 23rd of a month, and the only importance of the celebration is to gather with closest friends and family and together, every member of the gathering contributing something, an intimate party takes place that evening.

Good Food:
This is almost self-explanatory. It is the celebration of nutrition. It can be done alone, as a couple, in small groups or big ones. The point to enjoy nutrition in a special celebration of colors and tastes and for that a special day is dedicated to the preparations and the making of a wonderful special meal. There is no specific time or date to celebrate Good Food, but it is to be celebrated twice per 48 days.

This is a celebration of games. The traditional game is mosntropoly, but any game that is played with good company is almost just as good. The point is to be foolish a little bit. To enjoy life as little kids would, at least once in a while. This is celebrated whenever it is fit: After a Good Food, on a 23rd of, on a Fives, or all by itself.

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