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Every single one of us human beings was born helpless and clueless. Due to that simple fact, every single person has at least one person to thank for whatever it is he has achieved during his lifetime.

That being said, I have quite some more.
Starting from day one to today: My parents Steve and Marge were the ones to give me this life to begin with and this way or that, kept me alive, and equipped me with a massive amount of experience {all the way to lvl 32, and counting!}, allowing me to become the man I am today, and for that I am most thankful, as it is so often that I find it so priceless I am speechless...

I am also very thankful to every single person I got to actually interact with along the way, truly so.
Now, giving special thanks to specific friends always leaves someone feeling less important. Well this is the way life is, everyone has a lot of people they could thank, but only a few were an enormous influence, which leads to the following:
Ron L.: The first one to always be there when no one else was, on my way towards understanding friendship and loyalty.
Ran D.: The first one to take responsibility on the task: making me into something which was not a wasted bulk of meat.
Alex G.: The first to take me on a route of fulfilment, where you don't quit on failure, but rather use it to get better.
Alex T.: The first to take me on the route of party and foolishness, where life is fun, even if it isn't.
These four are the ones who gave me my first tools, when I was in the search for them, to develop myself beyond my zero point.

Chronologically, this is where I should thank all of the ladies:
Every single one who took part fluently or momentarily through parts of my life, taught me a lot. Each and every single one gave me presents beyond the worth of any precious words or material, things I never imagined possible. For that will forever be thankful.

On the more unearthly point of view, special thanks to:

Lady Luck: No doubt that if I wouldn't stumble upon this lovely lady at the age of 13, things would have been different.
The Universe: Be it as it may, we got to be best buddies along the way, to my great pleasure. There are no words in existence to express the feeling and the gratitude, but it's there I promise you.

Kept the best last! On the personal note:
The Gang: Uri, Dana and Angie - from the most late night serious speeches, through stupidity at its best, and all the way back to earth, we were and still are, working, resting, and winning around the clock in our one and only way of life: special treatment, survival mode. No doubt about it, couldn't do it without you guys...

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