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Terms and Conditions for usage of the Digidizem website.

Welcome to the Digidizem website (termed in the following: the website).
This website is administered by Zvi Zeev Chandler (termed in the following: webmaster).

Reading this page thoroughly is important as any use of this website, including reading posts and essays, reading messages, writing messages and any other use, means full and total acceptance to the terms and conditions stated below, on all their aspects.

In these terms and conditions, the terms "content" or "contents" refers to any information, including verbal, visual, vocal or any other combination of those and so to their design, editing, publishing and exposure.

In these terms and conditions the the usage of male format is due to convenience only and the terms and conditions are referred to women and men alike.

The website consists of original content owned by the webmaster.

The contents and the links on the website are not to be considered as representation or advice of any kind and do not substitute professional advice. There may be interruption and / or inaccuracies in these materials, due to technical failures and / or human errors and / or actions of the webmaster.

The webmaster will not be responsible for any injuries and / or damage arising from the usage of the contents on the website by users and / or third parties.

It is emphasized that the some parts of the website may contain adult materials that is intended for adults only, by definition of the state where the usage is done. By using the website you confirm that it is allowed for you to use such content.

The webmaster cannot and does not warrant that the website will constantly be available. or available at all, and that it will be immune to unauthorized access to the information stored in it, Hacks, malfunctions or failures of any kind and will not be liable for any direct or indirect consequence. Using the website (including content reading, addressing the website team and any other use), the user agrees not to violate provisions of the law, including but not limited to: issue of defamation, violation of privacy to copyright property.

Without limiting the foregoing, the user agrees not to distribute any material, false or misleading, not to change, process, copy, disassemble or assemble ant of the contents and / or site elements, not to distribute "spam" and / or flood mail servers of any other websites, not to transmit any material that contains any kind of virus or computer code designed to destroy, or interfere with and / or restrict the use of the website in any way, not to interfere with site operations, not to use the Site for purposes other than personal use. For more information about specific use of materials, please contact the webmaster.

The webmaster may install cookies on the user's computer, use the information stored on cookies and identify criteria for the user. To remove the cookies, the user should refer to his browser's company home page, and follow the instructions listed there. Do note that disabling the cookie may cause interference of use for some of the services and features on the website.

The webmaster owns the copyrights regarding the website, including site design, trademarks and other unique and exclusive action on the website.

The webmaster may add links to the website, remove links previously included on the website and / or avoid adding new links at his sole discretion.

The webmaster shall be entitled to terminate the User's use of the website if the user violates the terms of use, without derogating from any other rights available to the webmaster by law.

The webmaster keeps the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time.

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