Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life
A lot of sites tend to hide this information, for one reason or the other.
I believe (even if it is a bit easier for me, as you will soon see why), that this topic should be displayed in front of anyone that is interested in using one's services.

Hence, here is the way I offer my services:

Hourly Worth*: 250 ILS / 65 USD / 50 EUR.
Hourly Charge**: 150 ILS / 40 USD / 30 EUR.
Actual Cost : FREE (Choose any currency you want).

As I do understand some people can't or won't be willing to accept any service without paying somehow for it, here is some ways to repay I do accept:
  • A donation in order to make Digidizem's vision come true, of any amount you want. Contact me for more information.

  • Advertise. Linking to Digidizem.com, Talking about it in social environments, publicity, let the spirit spread.

  • Create art. So much can be expressed through images, and this is a skill I neither have the talent to, nor do I have time to start practicing to have some level at it. If you know you're a talented artist, feel free to contribute and make Digidizem art.

  • Become a Dem Digidiz yourself, practice Digidizem and become a being of happiness and bliss. The rest will come automatically.
I hope this explains the way I look at life and payment when it comes to helping others become happier.

Lots O Digidi Love!

* The Minimum charge someone in my position and with my experience usually charges.
** What I charge working on projects that have nothing to do whatsoever with Digidizem.

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