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A Closer - A few final notes...

Digidizem has been developed over a considerable period of 19 years, where I did a lot of changes and even more experiments on myself, as well as with and to people who wanted to taste some of it after seeing me in my everyday behaviour and reactions to experiences in life.

It is important for me to state, the whole point of creating Digidizem as a way of life is to let people see another angle of life, which is indeed different, even if at many points similar, to one or another thing in all the other ways known today.

Everything is due to change at some point and all ways are just as good as their neighbouring ones.
If bliss and love, as the previous example, where mountains where humans have the option to climb up to their tops, each way might get you to the top, be it through a paved road, through the jungles, with an aircraft, by magic, or by a teleportation device.
The only thing to be taken into consideration before you take the trip is what would you like to experience while you are at it.
  • Digidizem is obviously much more than described in this site. The reason I wrote less than there is about it, is because the rest of the knowledge, the majority of it, can only be aquired through practice and as such, no matter how much I would write about it, it would be a waste of your time.
  • I can't know how far Digidizem will reach, but just in case it becomes vastly known: I meant only what I wrote. No hidden messages, codes, mystery or anything that someone should later on read and explain what I actually meant. If you desire to learn, and then re-distribute this knowledge, don't explain what I meant, Explain what you took from my explanations.
  • It is stated in these pages that Digidizem does not take for good or bad. And yet, I talk about thanks, about peace, about should have, would have, could have, and so on. The reason is simple: Pain is not good or bad, but it is in existence. This means one could feel pain, sorrow and such. These feelings are valuable, but balance is important, and that can only be achieved through practice of things that bring calmness to the mind and body, and so, these ways are not moral or just or good or correct, they are the finest survival methods, useful to the egoist understanding human being as for his longest survival options.
Enjoy whatever it is you do, and if you read all the way down here, you are at least a bit aware of another angle, and aware of choice.
Since this is the case, Pick your choice and remember: any choice is just as nice as the other.

- Breaking It Down -
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