Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life
Intro - From philosophy to act.

As said, relevance and so actual implementation of a way of life is the most important thing.
Having foundations for a way of life is wonderful, but how does this actually help live with such enormous joy (exuberance)?
Well here there are a lot of aspects of life to dive into.

With these three foundations set, I will now explore: choice and fate, good and bad, matter and spirituality, relationships, religion, health, love, happiness, goals, and many more.
Eventually the thing about Digidizem is to see how this experience of life could be actually what Digidizem claims it to be, A one of a kind, ever so very special, and all the way from point B(irth) to D(eath) has nothing in store but a wonderful journey.

In my explanation, I am trying to use the most fluent language I can in order to make the ideas easily understood. As far as I see it, trying to be a "super" philosopher using sophisticated words in order to be wrapped in myth so that no one can actually understand what you meant, is, forgive me Latin, stupid.

I will try as much as I can not to involve "Floopycus Antitoocus Boom" which is my example for useless usage of words. It might seem a somewhat "uneducated" style of writing to some people, but to those people who look for "educated" writing, I say one thing alone:
You are years too young (yes, even if you are 90 years old and about to finish your journey) to understand or grasp any of the ideas stated in Digidizem, unless they accidently (which may sometimes be the case) sit in the same category as your own way of life.

Fear not! It does not really matter anyway, just choose another way, better suitable for you, since eventually, it will be just as good as Digidizem, or any other. So the words I use are simple. The ideas just as well.

When I speak about transferring the ideas I will explore from philosophy to act, I mean that one must practice these ideas in everyday life. It is not about reading or understanding these ideas, not only judging them or not this way or the other.
In order to make these tools to be actually practical, one must try and use them in life. One should go out there and look at the world, look into it, with the different set of eyes, of Digidizem. Try and see the applications of things practically in everyday life.
This is an everlasting practice and those who will only give it several minutes in order to read the few pages I am writing here, will usually be unable to get to the depth of understanding of practical Digidizem, hence making its study just as any other read philosophy.
You do not need to become a monk in order to practice philosophy, but every single person I met along the way even for the quickest of moments, had a lot to practice.

I hope you will enjoy the deepening into the Digidizem, and I wish you happiness and success in whatever it is that brought you to this page, on the website and in your life.

- Breaking It Down -
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