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Expansion One - Justice? Oh... Just is...

One of my favorites, justice. Or should I say, one of the best pranks thought of ever.
It could not count as a main chapter, but it is a "must have" topic in digidizem. An expansion, as it turned out to be. Justice is one of the most interesting things on our planet.
As far as Digidizem is concerned, justice is a term, nothing more, which came into existence in a poor effort of the weak to gain power over the strong. For those who walk about with their eyes open, as it is known, one can easily say it didn't work.
Well maybe it did work for some extremely short time, but after that, the "justice" that is being found and done, is done only by the weak and on the weak. The strong still roam, and dispose of justice as the do so, and they find new, better, much more sophisticated and exciting methods to go on with their "unjust" every day actions.

For those who read through the chapter of good and bad, the following should be understood easily, and even if you didn't read, the idea is quite simple.
There is no such thing as justice, as far as Digidizem suggests. Justice is an excuse, and a poor one at that, to let the weak continue to exist. It is more, if you will, a disease of the human race, than it is helpful to it.
The strong do what they do best, survive and roam. The weak do what they do best, whine about it.
Somewhere along this way, the weak thought they might change nature itself, while staying the same creature and not changing themselves. A typical human thought: "I don't get what nature did, but I can do it BETTER. Let's drink to that!" and then humans go about trying to twist nature's hand, later complaining when it fails: "there is no true justice in the world, everybody is corrupted..."

Digidizem suggests, do not go about crying about your fact that this or that is unfair, unjust or so on. Change, get up on your feet, become strong, roam, and while you do so, try to be subtle and nice to all. This would be as close to the idea of justice as one could ever get.

Expansion Two - what is there to say about, Mmm... Moral!

The best second expansion, after justice is, to some extent, done for...
So moral is next as one could understand. It's not that Digidizem is into the downfall of all the things practiced until now in our world. It's just that the sheer power of imagination and survival, could sometimes get so mistuned, that things like justice, fairness, moral and other kind of phenomena might occur.
Is it moral to do this or that? Who is to say? Just like good and bad, just like any judgment and any "justice", this varies from place to place. from one fraction of a specific way to the other fraction of the exact same way.

So many debates were held about moral. So many different conclusions. All correct due to one simple thing:
They were all out of place to begin with. It is not that it matters, not that it is important.
Rather than important or significant, it is yet another tool under the rule of various "justice" fractions, to try and keep people that are strong enough to stand on their own, out of the boundaries of what a casual person could achieve, not too far from the main stream.
To keep these people far enough to become a genius, but close enough to be controlled in case that too far reaching thoughts would come into life and maybe even threaten the flow of life as it is known in the 'bubble'.
This is the only reason for the existence of moral.

Expansion Three - This, is the 'bubble' of life.

Or actually, the 'bubble' of the usual human. That being the same old flask that every one of the newly born human beings is being poured into since day one, in hope that he will stay foot and achieve all the greatness available, within the accepted borders.
Those who dare to think out of this flask, are on the highway towards one of the too extreme possibilities:

Option one: Becoming the everlasting example of "This is what happens to you if you Stray out of order" following the usual blabber over the ways of life, actually meaning the "way we sheep live in the flask" (hence the 'bubble').
Option two: Becoming the everlasting example of "This is what you should strive to achieve in your life" following the usual blabber of the fact that this is a one in a generation phenomenon.

If we would look on our world it is just like a triangle glass flask. All over the edges you could see the closest thing to out of the flask thinking (which includes the "out of the box thinking", in case you were concerned) which would be the various artists, scientists, healers and so on.
They are the ones most visible and that give this flask it's illusion of an all accepting being.
In the center, much less if at all visible, is the flock. All the rest of humanity, almost, living their lives just like they "should." And last but not least there are the stains all over the flask.
The ones that are just messy and that the flask is better off without them, and the ones that the flask would go about stating - "now this is what I can create, but can't contain, as it is a miracle available to only the highest of all, and this place is too small for them."
So, not that the flask should be emptied, it makes such a wonderful place to live, the flask. But if you think of things not outside of the box, but outside of the flask, don't let the flask stick you to the flock! Fly like a phoenix, reborn out of its own ashes. Be and become a totally new out of the flask being.
Dare to be a human alien, and be, regardless of what the flock in the flask say, what you want to be, and 100% at that. This is the way that The Digidiz walks.

Expansion Four - When flowers bleed.

And believe it, they do, all the time. Thing is their blood is mostly invisible. Oh, and they don't make sounds. Killing families upon families of wheat for food is O.K.? Growing them like they were nothing more than food to satisfy your lust and pleasure? Reaping apples off trees way before they are doomed to fall to decay, just so one could get his vitamins, that is O.K.?

The nature is all. Humans, Animals, Plants and Earth as well.

Only because a plant can't scream, it is okay to stop its life? It is okay to cultivate it and then kill it and eat it at will?
Only because it does not bleed like us? Because it has such a distinct biology?

Digidizem suggests there is a feeding universe, not exactly the usual food chain (though it is 98.9% similar). In this feeding universe, every one eats and is being eaten as well. It is not a chain, though, since there is no top, middle or round way about it. It is an "everyone eats everyone at a certain point of change" understanding. And in this feeding universe, humans eat meat, eggs and plants, killing them all for survival, just as the same way around, there are animals, plants and minerals that eats away humans.
Indeed nowadays the way we humans "hunt" for foods is very exaggerated and harmful. Indeed it is preferable that we stop the tools we are using today and find a better way feed on meat and plants. But we still need to eat meat and plants as well, and killing plants is just the same as killing animals.
This is why, Digidizem embraces feeding on meat, plants and earth as well, strives to find a better way to gather food, and recognizes the life in all, and thanks for the possibility to have it.
It is very important to understand the meaning of this expansion! Even though the examples and severity is towards vegans and vegetarians, the real meaning of these sentences above is much deeper. EVERYTHING IS ALIVE. All things have the same importance.
People, Animals, Plants, Rocks, Dirt, Air, Vacuum, EVERYTHING. It is nature's way that everything consumes and is being consumed. So be it, let it be.

Expansion Five - Truth or Dare - Just like glass.

The great game of truth or dare, always played with as many people possible. Mainly because of the fact that most people would choose dare, since they don't exactly want to say the truth, yet they are not so keen of telling lies either.
So the game becomes exiting. Why is it than, that we don't like to tell the truth of quite a lot of things in our heart, yet we call the people who lie bad folks?
We already went through the reasoning of good and bad in the way of Digidizem. Also, we went through going about on our own choices, in the egoistic yet realistic way.
As far as secrets goes, they are wonderful things, but even so, why would one want to have secrets?
Secrets more often than not, are a burden. Sure, a nation has (in specific cases) a need for secrecy, in our current world, but other than that, we need not secrets. All we really need, as Digidizem suggests, is transparency, just like glass. Not that people should stop lying, even if they could. Not that keeping secrets (of specific [a marriage proposal for example] uses) should be abandoned.
What is suggested by The Digidiz, though, is these simple steps:
  • Stop making a bad thing out of lying. [1]
  • Keep one's secret: Short, Simple, useful and time limited. [2]
  • Make a decision to bravely step each and every day towards transparency. [3]
Lying [1], is actually, either a way to hide from a truth, or several of them, when one cannot face them eye to eye, or a tool for quite a good use more than a handful of times. As a way of nature that every single human practices more than once, Digidizem suggests: Don't judge it, accept it.
If you are protecting a secret [2], do it properly, with short messages, simply put down to words in a reliable way, for the use of true protection or true surprise, and as such, for a very short and specific period of time.
As for transparency [3], once you achieve the state of such a brave being, no lies would be necessary any more, as you will have the answers for all the questions in a way to keep surprises intact with no lies about it, and no need for secrets what so ever.

Expansion Six - Take the time to be 'under construction'.

In order to bloom, to blossom, a human being needs a lot of things.
At first of course, the basic needs must be fulfilled. When the need of passing time is being fulfilled, it is suggested to be filled with a massive amount of tools, these tools being - Knowledge.
The most precious gifts one could get, and the sooner the better, as Digidizem suggests, are the knowledge to accept and become brave, the knowledge to enjoy life, the knowledge of being comfortable, the knowledge of acquiring more knowledge and maybe the best of them all, The knowledge of accepting and flexing with change.

As for other useful tools, one could learn to enhance oneself with meditation, music, cooking, sports, the arts of healing and fighting, constant solving all kinds of riddles and thought provoking games and of course, uncountable more skills.
Through all these, one lets himself become constantly functional, while being constantly under construction.
The importance of being constantly under construction is vast. As far as Digidizem sees this notion, It is the very essence of being alive and conscious.
Since there is no meaning for anything anyway, this is the most wonderful thing to strive for.
While being functional is the living in the world, being built is the feeding of the mind.

One could get to the highest of all heights once putting all these wheels in motion.
The full meaning of this state is being able to produce the sheer enjoyment of life in every action made including enjoying and developing more than usual even while sleeping, or even just lazing around.

Expansion Seven - Living in the scene, is this really a sin??

Issue of discussion actually, the sin part of life, or the one so many, too many, maybe too much even, people, think is a sin. The never ending delightful life of an exciting waste of the reproduction process, better known as: sex.
Sex is, still, to so many people, the usual thing you do in a relationship to some "normal" extent, while privately in the mind floating to the very edges of "fantasy".

How did it become the world of porn, what a lot of men and women (yes indeed, women) crave for?
Again, the game of fear and has been played by the weak, trying to commit everyone to their will in order to keep things under what they wish to call control. Yet, the basic needs of people do not change. It might be forbidden in some religions, it might be to some extent outlawed, but none of these can stop the urges people, including the people who try to prevent it, have.
People want to have sex. They want several partners. They want to experiment things, different from the everyday experience.

The only thing all the useless attempts at forbidding it did, was to create a vast market for way more dangerous, uncontrolled (which is opposite to what they try to do) sex industries to blossom into the world. Sex, and a lively and variously experimented one, should be encouraged, thus making it accessible to all, with all the knowledge needed for the practice being well taught, to such a way where it will again let people live their naturally, unbound, sex life to the fullest, and create a cleaner, clearer, and much healthier sex culture throughout the world, putting genders and boundaries aside.

This is a practice way older than Digidizem. Tantra, Kama Sutra and so many other ways have already taught this so...

Do one, Do others, and have no shame about it, that is again, the teaching of The Digidiz.

Expansion Eight - Now this, this is a heart beat.

No other than the 1,2,3,4 beat. This is what we humans call, Music.

Not only Digidizem, but so many others have already seen the importance of music. Everything has music about it. Our body has its own beat, its own tempo. Just as much so does our planet. as far as we know, even the universe.
We all have the beat about us.

Trying to categorize what type of music is better than the other is meaningless, as every single one of us perceives sounds differently. The only thing that has proven itself about music is simple.
No matter the music type.
No matter the personal preferences.
No matter the knowledge of music.
No matter what actually.
If a human being has ears that function, hears the rhythm of the 1-2-3-4 beat, and is being only conscious to the beat and not to the whole totality of the sounds and music being played, the body will automatically react according to the beat.

This knowledge takes The Digidiz to the following stand: One who cannot communicate consciously with his music, is already half way Done for.
It is in every cell of our bodies that we should seed music where ever we are.
Music is not only for the mind or for the soul. Music is, and music is for, the Whole.

Expansion Nine - Does it make sense or is it nonsense?

For years people have been taught that "there's no accounting for taste".
How come?
Usually people just take this for granted, but it is a mind opening thought if taken into consideration.
While the truth shown about this statement in uncountable everyday life situations is obvious, the thought behind it is less considered. It is important to consider, though, as it holds the basis for so much more issues.

As it were, we all agree that a round table is round and that it is a table. That is because it has the feel to come with the sight of what we defined a round table. It is a definition of a shape in our own dimension of existence. As for its color, its taste, and its sound - this is already something else, as it is not a shape, and not in our own 3D existence.
The fuss about it, though, happens due to education, experience and most important, language.

Experience and Education, because starting from the instance we are capable of them, we experience and later on we are taught by subjective teachers what is this and what is that and whether it is nice and beautiful or not.
More important, as it is, is the teachings of the common language. We are taught what is sweet, what is salty, what is red and what is green and so on. This way when we point at green, we all agree it is green.
What we don't know, though, is what it actually looks like or smells like in anyone else's mind.
It seems that what in one mind[1] interprets as sour, in the other[2] interprets as sweet. This way [1] does not take for sweets, while the other [2] loves them. They both call them sweets, but we don't know how they really interpret the taste itself. Same goes for hearing sounds, smelling odors and so on.

The lesson to be learned is that since we differ in our mind interpretations, not only colors, odors, tastes and sights differ, but also the ways we choose - the decisions we make, they differ by the same mechanism. Again, this serves to the suggested acceptance of change and of all in existence by Digidizem, just like the fact I called my way Digidizem, and not the traditional Digidizism.

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