Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life
Chapter One - What to choose and May I pick it?

What could be a better start than the ultimate most wonderful question (is it really?) about Destiny/Fate and the existence of choice. Do we really choose, or only live in an illusion of choice made by the twisted sense of glee and humor that fate plays?
Let's look at it from Digidizem's first foundation. when we take a deep voyage into time and space, trying at the initialization of all things, as stated before, matter was either made out of nothing (100% pure creation) or never made at all (infinitely existing back and forth). It is important to remember this, since fate, as it is usually defined, is the reason for all things. Digidizem, we already know, does not embrace the idea of fate alone, since as far as Digidizem likes to travel, there is absolutely, 100%, no reason whatsoever for anything.

And yet, one cannot deny (or can, but would be a fool to do so), that a human being is born, for example, since his parents met, which was, after all, since his father's car broke miraculously right in front of the bakery of his mother's mother, which happened because this was the first day ever his father didn't check the tires. Is it not a game of fate? Moreover, before actual consciousness arrives, what exactly does a new born baby chooses?

Imagination is the key this time.
Imagine an enormous, infinite river. Everything flows in it from all over. and into this huge river, with its huge power, out of the blue falls a bird. It swirls an get tossed from side to side, yet it is strong and stays alive, eventually even learns to somehow swim and steer, to even get a minimal portion of control.
Then, from this same out of the blue thing, it bumps into a rock, connected to solid ground that it never saw before. It leaps on to the ground and now it can either fly, skip happily or even, if it wants or needs to, jump back to the water and let it swirl her away.

To those who were quick to notice, this symbolic story is plain to see through. importing this story to human beings (and the universe, as it is): Fate is the river, our 100% actual choosing possibility is the Ground. As for the bird, well...

The bird is none other than the model of human being as it is born and grows. Human beings are born into the raging river of fate. We twist, we turn, we swirl and only the ones that bump into the rock, in its meaning here, reach high consciousness and deep understanding and definition about this thing called "Choice". Only fate, or lady luck as I call her, can get you to this rock. Gracefully enough, getting to this rock is the beginning of a new and excitingly different story.

How can someone know that this is how it is? Maybe you are still in the illusion of choice, only deeper? Maybe now you are in an illusion that you have no illusion about choice.
Well, here come several extra plains to explain...
We embrace a thought: there is no such thing as time actually. Time is merely the way human beings accepted in unity to measure change.
Now this might be a bit mind stretching point to achieve, and if you feel you cannot accomplish understanding, continue your reading with the next chapter and come back when you are ready to try again.
Try to fly to the highest of all heights of eternity. Try to look at the existence from way above. Try to see it all (as infinite as it is) from a timeless point of view. No future, no past, no present, no change. From this point of view you are looking at a picture that contains all infinite possibilities of every single part of existence. From this point of view, as it is, you are looking at Fate.
Supposedly everything is already in existence, including every human being and all of his infinite possible life spans. This practice is nice to have, but it brings us back to 2 things.
The first is inexistence. Look at the picture as full as it is, there must be inexistence. If we take this picture and bring it down to an earthly scale: blanks spots can always be rewritten. Moreover, be the picture as infinite as it is, there exists a scenario where all infinite existence(s) come to an end. Hence this same motionless picture becomes blank, hence repaintable. This is a "who comes first?" question, in the scales of time or timeless. One could always claim to change and then claim that it was already there.
So here comes the second thing to consider from this image of this picture: the third foundation of Digidizem. Relevance.

The timeless picture idea is important to understand but needs to be observed at from another point of view, the one that is vied through relevance.
Since we are not timeless beings, we need to look at the same picture mainly from within. From our time restricted point of view. Once we grasp the timeless picture idea, we get down to business and see that this infinite motionless picture is, as far as we are concerned, being drawn with every passing moment. We are the painters. Since there are infinite options in this motionless picture, it is the intelligible being that picks his choices every instant.
In Judaism, there is a saying that describes this phenomenon wonderfully:

"הכל ידוע מראש והרשות נתונה"

The literal translation is: "everything is known in advance and the permission is granted." This describes, as one could see, the motionless picture idea as Digidizem describes it. Again, we can see that this is no new information, but rather a different angle to look at it, as will be described in the future, for Digidizem does not embrace the idea of one god, many, or any. Since the dawn of the multiverse (if there was one...) there is nothing new, only slightly different ways to look and consider things, some deeper than others.
So to finalize the way Digidizem suggests: There is Fate and there is Free Choice. Most people only get to taste fate. Only the ones that are lucky (for Fate was at their side) win the possibility of real Free Choice.

This I know with a way that cannot be explained to those who haven't tasted it yet, but still is true: I have been in both sides, and I freely skip from one state to the other, using them as suitable to me at a given time, on a whim.

If you read this page sincerely and haven't met her yet, well, lady luck just knocked on your door as well...

Chapter Two - This way bad, That way good, Ways do things...

One of the major questions that rise in almost every philosophical debate is about good and bad. Some distinct eagerly between these two, some say that good and bad are only subject to the use that one does with things. Digidizem goes farther than these.

As I usually do, extremity will explain:
Let us assume that a child was hit by a car and has died of fatal injuries.
Is it good or bad? Well, the family, the friends, most people would say this is bad.
And if, for example, we could know for sure that this child would bring huge terror to this world, blindly killing millions of people.
Now is it good or bad?
And if then we would know, that due this raging terror, 30 years later ultimate peace would arise for 3000 years.
Now is it good or bad?

Let's look at the past:
Was the holocaust good or bad for the Jews?
Again, looking at it straight away one would say it was way more than bad, it was horrible.
But the holocaust was the main force that finally got the Jewish people to institute their promised land, with their holy city.
So again, was it good or bad?
And yet again, since the Jewish people inhabited Israel, so many wars, death, and sorrow was brought about, and waves of global anti-Semitic hate are pin pointed at Israeli people around the world.
So was it good or bad?

Good and bad are way more than anything a living creature could ever decide, that is a way to explain good and bad.

So what of it? If it isn't our good old pal relevance that bumps at us again...
Digidizem embraces the following:
There is no good.
There is no bad.
There is only is (or are).
Events are merely events. Death is nothing more than death, and so is life. Objects are just objects. Human beings are just human beings.

No one and nothing was created, developed or evolved with a good or bad notion.
As good is the easiest to accept nowadays, I'll again go through the bad:
If I would die in an instant - that is just fine.
If it would be done through torture - that would still be just fine.
If anything usually called "bad" happened to me - it was just that, not good and not bad.
It was not something I did or did not "deserve". It was not a "punishment from above".
It's the same for:
  • A serial killer.
  • World hunger.
  • Global warming.
  • Corruption.
  • Gifts.
  • Donations.
  • The plant that manufactures cookies.
  • Heroism.
None are good or bad. What does that mean? Let's see...

The basic reason that brought people to (and do note, only people credit things for good or bad) decide for good or bad, are emotions.
The emotions that made us shine and prosper were the reason to tag things as "good".
The emotions that made us wither and disappear were the reason to tag things "bad".
Accepting this idea alone should be the trigger to embrace the things I stated before about good and bad.
So many people feel such a different way towards so many things, that there could not be good or bad.

These emotions have specific functions to fulfil. They are subject to our already explained need to survive.
In order to "become alive" as it is stated usually (hence survive for long) we have joy and fun.
In order to avoid "being trashed" as it is stated usually (hence drawing towards the end of survival) we have sorrow and pain.
These feelings are nothing more than signs along the road to keep us alive and striving. So obviously we want to be happy, joyous and smiling. Unfortunately most people try their hardest to avoid the "Bad" feeling. "Bad" feelings, as stated, are necessary and it is suggested that one would embrace and then handle with care, to let them do their job and hence regain happiness and joy.

So: embrace your whole emotional system. Your Bliss then will be driven from all emotions. Embrace the idea that there is no good nor bad, there is only is. Your Bliss then will be freed from its needless shackles.

That is the way of the Digidiz.

Do note: there is no good and bad, Digidizem suggests. This does not mean there is no negative and positive (relevance of course).

Chapter Three - In the end, it's really only matter.

Human beings, exciting little creatures aren't they?
It seems that wherever there are blanks that are unexplainable, humans will find a wonderful myth to use in order to close these blanks for good.
  • We have no idea how we got to this world - let's invent god(s)!
  • We have no idea how this works - let's invent magic!
  • We have no idea how he did it - let's say it is a miracle!
  • We have no idea what happens after matter (If at all): let's invent spirituality!
This did not actually close these blanks for good did it?
At first, the smallest thing in existence was ants. Anything beyond that was energy...
Sometime after that, and for a long time, it was atoms, and that changed it all!
Then came the quarks and changed it all. All over again!
The first quark type was observed in 1968 and the sixth and last type (for now) was observed in 1995.
And there are gluons, bosons, this could go on forever...

Lucky enough, today we know not to call anything as a 100% absolute truth. To the farthest, it is the truth for now or partial truth. So it is as the course of the universe suggests, that we will, eventually, find something smaller, which for now still lay beyond our reach, or some additional element now still hiding in the dark.
Even so, and even if we don't, we need no more in order to embrace matter and substance.
Explaining physics is way too much at the moment and a waste of time1, but through physics we got to a considerable extent of proof to previously unimagined small particles.

What today is so commonly called spiritual energy, is regarded in Digidizem as merely electricity in its various, most gentle forms.
Perhaps no more than a certain application of quantum physics.
Matter CAN move "invisibly" to the eyes of human beings in unimaginable strength and speed and dimensions.
Human consciousness is nothing more than a physical application of a physical phenomenon or part of the human body that we still did not get to understand.
Even thoughts are physical.

The idea of it being all matter does not change the idea that inexistence could exist within the smallest parts of matter.
This same idea also does not change the practices that are so commonly used, such as meditation, martial arts, sorcery and so on.
The only thing this idea changes is how these things are explainable and are nothing close to mystical energy.

As an example, like I love to do, let's look at the clinical death "proof" of mystical things.
Most people know or heard about someone that experienced clinical death or something very similar to it.
It's always a story sounding something like: "I saw the light, then I saw my grandma and she told me it's not my time yet."
On the other hand we have these stories: "I saw the whole hospital, I heard them talking about me, I saw the death of this guy in the opposite room from me." and so on.

ALL of the stories are nothing but an extension of our memories, the knowledge acquired in life, or our senses.
None of the people described dragons, mystical energy all over the place, witches, zombies, ghosts, three headed dogs attacking them in the fields and so on...
The only thing that happened is the liberation of their mind for several moments from its usual senses, and as we already know from less severe cases, blind people hear better, deaf people see better, and the likes of it. This is another phase of the same already known phenomenon.

Think about what would have happened if untrained humans would be able to instantly get all this information nonstop.
It would take no more than several hours for people to go crazy. So on the everyday life, you either train to get to such levels of perception, or you live with what you got from birth.
It is our born option to perceive much more, but it requires proper study and training. Our body protects us from that, in our current stage of evolution.

The Digidiz, than, claims matter is all that there is to it, as it is relevant to us.

1 Don't get me wrong here, I strongly suggest learning physics, it is actually wonderful!

Chapter Four - This is love, love, lovely love!

Love indeed is an important thing for a living creature. When I went through the basic needs of life, I deliberately took love off the list, although it is basically hidden in two sections of our needs: the need to reproduce and the need to feed.
Love, again, like all other things, is not an unexplainable feeling.
It is a very clear set of chemical behaviours designed to make the species survive.
As a result of physical or mental activity, one could stimulate certain parts in the brain to create love. The wonderful thing about love, though, is that in its turn it can generate extra electrical movements, which then can cause creatures do things they never could before.
Nowadays love is way more loosely termed than the basic behavioural love. It is our sophistication that took the pure loving behaviour and let it mutate into what it is today.
This mutated love gave us a lot of power, but also a lot of stress. It gave us a lot of beauty, but also brought about a lot of death. It has become an actual nutritional need, and to some extent one could die just by lacking an outer source of it.
Due to the stated above, Digidizem encourages that one's love power plant would be first firmly based on oneself.

Not only Digidizem, but also logic, explains that in order to give love, you must first be able to manufacture it and have sufficient amount of it. Moreover, since at least as Digidizem embraces, Recognized Egoism suggests that since all you do, you do for yourself, and giving love is also an act for oneself, keeping your power plant working on production will allow you to distribute your love for as long as you want.

But hey, one would say, if I am manufacturing love, why do I need someone else's love?
As an answer to such a question how about: If you own a cookies factory, don't you eat salads?
Every one and one of us is extremely unique. Not just unique, but extremely unique.
No two creatures create the same love.

Love, is a give and take party, and the more you give, the more you have room to receive.
There are various ways to make your love power plant become stronger and your love silos bigger for the give and the take.
Just like becoming bliss, one could become love. This is a way to walk, a mountain to climb. As someone who climbed all the way to the top of mountain bliss, I can encourage climbing to the other top, the one of mountain love. Accomplishing these two together should be an enormous state, and it probably holds a lot of dangers upon achievement, just like bliss does.

If you ask me, NOW would be a good time to take a break and go and show some love.

Chapter Five - Make My day merry, marry me Mary!

Relationships. If this was a joke this could say it all couldn't it?
But it isn't. And as such it is the opposite exactly. A very important part of our lives.

Relationships the most rational issue to come after love. Our relationships, usually are based on emotions. When they aren't it's usually based on business.
The relationships I will discuss though are the ones of emotions between two persons.
On these relationships, the ones I am focusing on are the ones between lovers. Not that other relationships are less important, but the basic things that The Digidiz embrace for relationships of love, can be utilized in any other kind of relationship with a small adjustment.

Well, Relationships between lovers should and usually does happen because their chemistry got all worked up when they met each other. The thing is, that as human beings evolved their ways of life extremely fast, the body did not get to the same state of evolution. This, therefore, creates complex relationships and a new reason to sharpen up an old skill to grand mastery levels, this skill to be: The skill of Change.
As for most human beings this is hard, and since the environmental stress of friends and family do not assist, a lot of relationships continue even after change dictates that this is a bad practice. The fear of "what will everybody say?" or of "what if I won't find someone else?" or even worse "the poor children, how will they handle it?" dominates the decision of creating a new reality where the couple is no more.
In cases of marriage this is even harder, as there is a commitment that should be broken shall the couple decide to break up.

The question to be asked is: Is there really a way to commit to love? To ensure that love would stay "forever"?
Since we already said that love is a biological thing, and since people change with time, even when they don't accept change, It is practically impossible, to promise that love is forever, no matter how strong one believes it is at a given time.

The one who walks the Digidiz, leaves all relationships open.
There is no promise that one would stay, but this is true in any case. The difference is, Digidizem accepts the idea that love is always subject to change, and the relationship is only worth the while as long as mutual love lives on both sides. That being said, we go on.

Digidizem embraces, as well, the idea that people in this world want to vary things in their lives. This is true with food, drinks, company, work and everything else actually. Even Men and Women.
This however, is unacceptable to most people. They might say that they understand, but most people would not try living with a man or a woman that knowingly spend time with another man or woman, with an existing love in the equation. Some people really don't want or need it.

But a lot of people do, and fear, community, religion, ignorance, some or all, are the only things that lock this possibility in the unseen shackles of "Never!".

The reason, the ONLY reason, is fear.
The fear of possible true love to another, and not wanting to encourage it.
The fear of possible diseases.
The fear of being the less important one.
So many fears!

And this is the point to ask...

Will these options of fear change the rotting relationship, shall it come to such state?
Can a man really change the fact that his wife fell in love with another man, only because they are married?
Can a woman really win her husband's love back with her jealousy?
Does it matter to the uprising emotion of love that there are previously made commitments?

The answer is obviously, No...

So this is a reason actually, to accept these possibilities with love, and as Digidizem suggests not to try and create a cage for love, since it is doomed before it even starts.
Embrace and live free love, enjoy and savour every minute of it.
Be Jealous and accept it, this is part of the process, growing into new states of love!
Eventually, if and when love leaves, hurt it to the fullest but don't get stuck in the process! Let it be and go on with your life towards new love, and new relationships, that are most probably already there for you to get involved in.

Don't look for marriage, or any contract of "love for ever" in order to enjoy your relationships. Just like real good friends, build your relationships on the foundations of change, acceptance, friendship and love.

Chapter Six - Zeus? Holy spirit? Oh My God!

Nothing like religion to be a topic to talk about!
Why oh why do we actually need religion? Looking into what is probably already understood, Digidizem says it bluntly and straightforward:

We Don't.

Religion is an awesome invention, even a genius one, to be exact.
Way before democracy, right at the beginning of society, once tribes were coming into creation, all kinds of religions started their way to prosperity. Once humans started living in large numbers, strength was still the main play, but people had just about enough of it.
So how could the weak become the strong? It is the power of the brain that started to come about.
Creating religions and gods is a much better way to declare rules than just to constitute them.
Religion is indeed a wonderful mechanism, considering their time of prosper. These people knew about health, about weather, about human feelings.
They lived long and studied the world, and came up with the best way they could think of to help their community, and they were the only ones capable!
If one is the healer, the wise one, and the link to the spirits, the gods, or any other "power of nature", you can lead.
Yet leading is not so easy. It needs to prove the words it stated. And during the rise to leadership, the ruling system is configured.
Once you are the ruler, things are easily changed. The original ruler knows why he is there, but the ones to take his place are the ones to start, knowingly yet not knowingly, ruin the rule.
At such times, in those days, once the true leader left, and usually chaos came around, who wouldn't want to rule? Would you prefer to be ruled?

Nowadays, it is already very complex and sophisticated ruling systems that govern, but it was not so at the beginning of these systems.
Would you prefer to be a worker or a priest? A peasant or a king? And so it was that the most talented, brilliant, wise, cunning and charismatic people created these rules, these religions.

We, that live today, need to thank these leaders. The tools they used are no longer really needed for us, but they were, and sometimes still are, here for us to benefit from. They are a vast source of information. They are history stories, medicine information, inspirational texts, and an enormous database to study.
Even so, it is covered with a lot of mystery, fantasies, gods, angels, and a lot of other methods that were once very important tools in order to succeed, but today are clouds unnecessary in the skies of possibilities, bliss, love and fulfilment.

Some people cannot change their ways of life, living with religion and strict rules. It is obvious and there is no need for them to change. But The Digidiz suggests that those who can, let these religious views and strict rules be the past, and walk toward the new, advanced ways of life, that allows creative and flexible rules to come alive, rules that for once, are natural to follow and from there on, seamlessly fit into one's life, with no need for strict governing.

Indeed humanity as a whole is way too young to accept these kinds of rules, but it is again, the duty of those who can, to let these possibilities come to life, by living them as much as possible and by teaching them to others.
Digidizem, obviously, is one, and in case you wonder, not the only, that allows such ways to come to life. This is the only reason this site is here before you. To let it be known, and to as many people as possible, let it become, a spring of change. A prospering dawn. A blossoming era.
That is all that is needed so that new, more gentle and fine-tuned leaderships can rise and take us to another state of evolution, some time, some day.

So those who can, Digidizem suggests to embrace this change.
And all those who read these lines and believe in one of the gods out there:

I am not trying, nor do I want you to change your ways.
Just try not to pity other "sinners".
Try not to get angry at other "sinners".
Try not to wage wars at those thinking different from you, these "sinners".

"Sinners" don't need to go to hell. All needed is that you to let it be.
Don't forget that just as much, these "sinners" may claim that you are so far behind the chain of intelligence, thought and capability of understanding anything at all in life.
Don't forget that just as much these "sinners" may claim that you believe in these mumbo jumbo wobbly things that are the proof of pure ignorance.
Even so, most of the people who know that there is no god, don't tease you about it.

Just try to enjoy life!

Chapter Seven - Roget that, Peace out!

War and peace... Why is it really so hard to get to peace? True worldwide peace?
Well lots of answers to that question, the most popular:
  • Politics.
  • Money.
  • Classes
  • Varity Of Opinions.
  • Judgement.
  • Pride.
This is not, as stated, the full list but a rather a good one to start with.
The most important thing is the basic principle behind all these reasons: POWER.

It is the power that drives them all: People who own money, People who stick into nowadays politics, People of "high class", Zealot People - of their opinions or religions, Inflexible judgemental people and Bathing in pride people.
None of these are at fault, this is the way they grew to be, the way they have been taught to be or what they chose to become. As stated before, it is obviously, not bad, not wrong, not good and doesn't matter.
The only thing it is, though, is a barricade in the way to true peace. In order for peace to be true, it should be blossoming from within us. It is preferable to deal with power with wisdom and care, and it is preferable that power would be lovingly balanced, when it is human beings handling it, which, as I hope is already understood, is the only option relevant for us.

In theory then, the best way to live (in peace) is communism.

Problem is, the term communism nowadays. The first impression you get when you hear this word is not even close to what it really means.
This wonderful idea was contaminated by misuse, but it does not change the idea that true communism, euphorically as it may be, is the recommended practice.

Try to think of a world where everybody contributes. No money, very little politics if at all, classes, judges and opinions are nothing more than tools used by people who love them with the most passionate adoration, for the benefit of all.

People doing only what they truly love and want to do. They will, obviously, be the best at it. And there are enough people to love it all.
People who love to cure. People who love to teach. People who love to manufacture. People who love to develop. People who love driving, cleaning, telling stories, and everything else. Everything in this world started from a need and developed through interest.
And it is one's own interest that this idea will come to life. One could do whatever he wants whenever he wants. There are more than enough people to do everything all the time. There are more than enough resources for such living. And there would be total peace. Love and bliss will be the main rulers.

But for that to happen it should happen as much at once as possible, and from within, not by decision of leaders or nations, but by decision of human beings, of the human race. To choose love and freedom in the power of balance over raw powers of individual (mainly instant and not long term) benefits.

Even so it is still quite far from us, and not yet in our nature, but is preferable to understand now, as we have started to evolve towards it.

Chapter Eight - Back to our roots, Health.

After running a little through fields of other importance, back to some basics.

Health. One of the most important, if not the most important thing in our lives.
Health is a vast topic. Since it has risen to consciousness, and got to where it is today, there is no doubt it is the knowledge of life.

To The Digidiz, Health is the state of "living all". This "living all" state is achieved once one understands the world of "all", and then gets to live it. Understanding it is what Digidizem studies are here for. Living it is the way each individual would do it, with the extent of understanding of this taught "all".

Originally, People would be born healthy and get sick on the go. Nowadays, when sickness is all around, in almost every corner, people are being born lightly sick. I say lightly sick, since it is inherited sickness, and not sickness that grew from within, and could be almost instantly removed, if not initially removed through the right practice of both parents.
So as it is, with growth in this world, and with no tools of education, exploration, and practice of protection and change, people mutate this born inherited sickness and develop it to a new evolved, self-brewed sickness.

The farther one goes without taking this into consideration, the further the sickness would grow and evolve, and eventually, into the flow of one's actual life, into the "Dizem" , the sickness would be sowed and be as permanent as a shadow in the sun.
The further the sickness travels into the body, the harder it is to cure.

The body, though, is extremely powerful, and with practice and will, everything could be cured.

The most important thing Digidizem suggests to embrace, when speaking of health, is that it is preferable to let the body cure itself. Medicine, usually, is not needed.

The three things that are crucial, though, are:
  • Leading a life that follows a path accepted with TOTAL Love, Passion and admiration.
  • Learning, Exploring, Practicing and Sharpening the art of one's life flow control (nourishing and enhancing the Dizem)
  • Listening to all of the body parts as they speak, and correspond accordingly.
These three essences are the basic things anyone can start practice instantly in order to improve health.

The easiest part of them all is to start practice. Fitness, Dancing, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Kong, Yoga. These are some examples for activities of enhancing the Dizem.
The next is listening to your body. Our body talks to us. Most people don't even notice it. of Those who do, most don't act accordingly.
Start by trying to listen to your body hurts before its already harsh, and fix it when it is subtle. For example: when you sit in a manner that damages your body, your body tells you to change your posture. Do so while listening to it until it actually tells you, "ah, much better!"

Eventually and the hardest of the three nowadays is to follow a path with real love, passion and admiration. This takes time and study. But more than all, this take COURAGE.
Better start now then never, don't you think?

The higher goal of course, as said, is "living all", which you may or may not understand from everything
in these chapters and from the Sharkidaza , which is the essence of pure Digidizem, and the only part
to be a type of "Secret Technique", that needs certain amount of studies, reading and practicing to fully understand.

Be it this way or that these are the most basic foundations of health by Digidizem.

As for progressive cure, in states where the balance is instantly or chronically overthrown and one does not manage to correct it by practice means, Digidizem suggests to find a method that would let the body revive, with minimal external interference and to the root of the turmoil, as is today known and practiced in Homeopathy, for example.

Chapter Nine - Whoops, here it is, get ready, for the trap.

To make a long story short, everybody does everything (after we understand that actually it is for nothing) in order to be happy. To put it a bit more accurate, in order to be constantly happy, or, so to speak, to become happiness.
To become bliss.
But let's look at it. Let's look deep in to the pupils, down to the soul of the state of bliss.

Bliss, as I get to taste it every single moment, is not exactly what you see in the movies. True bliss is always blissful, but unlike what usually is thought and taught about it, it has it all in it: fun and excitement but also boredom and obviousness. Love and laughter but also hate, fear, and tears. Bliss is perfect by embracing Imperfection.

So this is the first trap. It could be a whole chapter, perfection, but there is no need for that for the time being. The principle is quite simple.
If perfection has it all in it - By definition it has imperfection in it. There you go! Trap one - undone! Everything is perfect just the way it is - By definition. (There is of course more to it, but this is the basic idea)
So this is one reason to smile is it not? I suggest it is!
But this is the small trick. We are still headed towards the masterly woven trap!

Assuming you attained bliss. Now what? If this was the highest goal, what are you going to do now? No more goals? So what do you live for now?

If you liked what you read, I think than, you will like what comes now...
Well obviously, there are no more goals. Nothing as already mentioned, really matters. And that is when there is no real motivation to do anything. Why should you do anything? You are already happy. You ARE Bliss. So what does it matter what you do? Especially when no matter what everyone else, who can't even understand you yet, says - you have embraced the idea that really - nothing matters.
The wonderful thing about attaining Bliss is the "all goal is on" mode.

What is this "all goal is on" mode I am speaking of?
As the name might suggest, it is the mode when the idea that nothing has real importance sits comfortably in one's mind, and that is why, every single goal has the most powerful importance ever - the one you decide to give it for it to exist.

Now we've done it! Trap two - undone! This was the real trick about it.

As humans have this already spoken about need to do something with the time on their hands, unless one attains bliss a short time before he passes away, at any earlier time, this need can, to the trained person, become a great source of power to achieve goals, even when it is totally embraced that it has no meaning what so ever.

To The Digidiz, this is the pure beauty of Bliss, The true glow of happiness, the true power of Meaningless, Egoist and Relevant change.

So summing my main chapters I bless you all with: Lots O Digidi Love!

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