Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life

Known as: Zvi Zeev Digidiz Chandler.
Came into existence on: September 7th 1980.
Got to learn by now: Electronics, Philosophy, Coaching, Homeopathy, NLP.
Some more things that tagged along: Speaking Spanish some French, Japanese and Russian. Also playing the drums, the guitar, graphic design, martial arts, meditation, Feng Shui and quite a lot of code.
Currently Honing the skill of: Nutrition.
What do I do: Provide health and life Coaching combined with Digidizem.
On the run was: in the army (Major, Still am), with several companies, mostly management (FedEx, DSNR and Partner to name a few)
Current and constant status of being: Bliss.
  • Food, cooking mostly.
  • People, Women mostly.
  • Drinking, Beer mostly.
  • Books, Knowledge mostly.
  • Music, Well played mostly.
Current love of my life: Angie.

This as in any human at the age of 38, could be a long story.
Yet, such a long story has nothing to serve you here so I'll give you the essence I see fit.
My life Began in a small place named Petah-Tikva in the middle of Israel, just about.
First born, but not quite to the usual situation. Well, that could be said by anyone but the house where I lived was a violent one. As luck decided for me (yes, I wrote luck), I got beat up by my father, and so was my mother before me. When I was born though, She did the same. No accusation here, don't be mistaken!
A harsh environment is a place of growth.

So I was the smallest, most stinking (literally Stinking), unpopular, lonely, bullied upon, yet nice fellow. On the other hand, I initially got myself a good set of genes in the birth department, upon birth got myself a new grandma - and a non-biological at that, and somehow managed to find another nice fellow who would be my best friend for this journey. As teachers and parents just love saying, I had potential...
Still ate shit though, and I do mean the substance, unwillingly if you were wondering.
Got hit by a car, Family became poor, More violence at home, towards my little brother and sister as well.
I could go on with this thing forever, so I'm cutting is short. It came to the rebellion. Don't ask me where from (yet) cause I don't know (yet) I got the guts to do it. I'll know later on, in the other pages of the site.
Even so it happened. I tried to go against my father, where I lost the fight, but won the war eventually. Luckily, no casualties (though a lot of wounded) were accounted for at the end of the war, but a new type of family was created. A hin a her - A hin a her, things started to change, and I had only one thing on my mind: I Will Be The Best.


Did I get to be number one? In several things for short periods of time indeed I so. As for the long run, I was the best in only one thing, but it was, for me, the most important one.
I became the number one person when it came down to happiness. To joy. To bliss. There was no one even close to my bliss ever since, and to this day it is still so.

Love at first sight I am telling you. Cannot be explained. After I got into the naval military school in Akko, I started to change, really. Slowly but surely I became a better student, got way better in the social department, got into physical shape, and later on in philosophical, some would say spiritual shape.
As such, being a seeking kinda usual teenager, I flew through Judaism, Taoism, and all sorts of Ism's and Logy's.

Every single spare moment was spent at sharpening either the body or the mind.
After so many alterations, nothing seemed right, every philosophy was talking, to my ears and my real life experiences, mostly nonsense. So I took on life. That is when I started to hear the universe. Don't misunderstand me, I am not talking about hearing through the ears or through the mind. I am talking about hearing through experience. Every step, every movement, every sound and every sight - they were all slowly readable. Hearable.
I could talk universe. When I tried then, to translate it to Hebrew or English, I found out I am not skilled enough. Still to this day I am not fluent enough in translating from one language to the other. I am getting there, though.

Nevertheless, I acted universe and got better every day. People could see it, and always reacted to it.
After enough people asking for the source and for directions, I decided to take it to a full scale philosophical way, and name it, the best way I ever could, after the only word I could never translate from universe to any other language... Digidi.

Why am I bothering to write all this?

Well, from my point of view, it is important to anyone reading the other, more important contents of this site, to understand that it does not matter what happened in life, and it does not matter what was the starting point.
If one gets a chance at life, one could do everything.

I started as Zvi the useless, walked through Zvi The Great, Zvi The Lazy Carrot and then all the way back to Zvi The Insignificant Being.

If you think you didn't get a chance at life, allow me please:
Reading this line, At least, is either a friend's doing or Lady Luck's doing. Be it this way or that this is your chance at life.
If I did it, a useless to begin with and insignificant at the end being - so can you.
You don't have to do it my way, but this is your chance to do it anyway you want.

Many times I am being asked: "how come you know all that? Maybe this is all just nonsense?"
My answer is always the same. It is true that every single human being is an individual person and has his own way and adjustments that he needs to walk this world.
Even so, we are all still the same, we are all human beings and we have a lot in common as such.
If I was born as a being of bliss, than I would say that such a question is indeed a good one, and I doubt I would have an answer. Probably wouldn't.
But I was not born as a being of bliss. Not even close. And the beginning of my life was quite the opposite. That is Exactly why, since I am human and I did all this way through being below the average, then average, then above average and eventually becoming one of a kind in such a unique way, I can tell you that I speak of proven truth.
All over this site I am constantly reminding that Digidizem is not the way for all mankind.
One thing is for sure, though, I was where all of the people I see and I know are, and from the place I am currently at, the one I am talking about where I am a being of bliss, the facts are clearly seen.
This is all proven facts, again.
I am a most healty man and a being of bliss and this cannot be denied.
If the way I walked brought me all the way from where I was to where I am now, it is important to understand - this is reality speaking and I am only expressing it.
Again, just like me, anyone could do just the same.

This section is all about the enlightenment myth.

People always look at enlightenment as something that is good, the person gaining it being the idol of justice and so on...
This is all just one big "bla bla bla" talk.
As far as I see it, calling it enlightenment is misunderstanding even the slightest thing about it. If at all it is enbordenment. After living all your life in the bubble that created and was created by our so called "culture", understanding you have been manipulated to think what someone else wanted you to just so you won't get in his way, is not so light.

I am not a saint, I am not a believer and I am not enlightened.
I lied before and might do so again in the future, probably will.
I get angry, I get sad, I get hurt and sometimes unfortunately, I hurt people too...
I hope it doesn't surprise you but, hey I am human!
I am perfect only due to the Imperfection that is imprinted in me.

And still, I am happier than anybody else out there, I am bliss, not blissful, but bliss itself, myself.

Walking the way Digidizem suggests will bring you to a totally different place in your thought and perspective. It will defenitly change you forever. Even so, the words "saint" or "just" or "enlightened" are foreign to a Dem Digidiz. The only thing Digidizem does is connect you, really connect you, to the actual, non-imaginary nature in our univerese.

That is why I am not a great person, or a wonderful guru, or anything like that. I am an acute observer, who may teach you a thing or two, that is all there is to it.

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