Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life
Digidizem, to begin with, is a philosophy I developed after having quite a hard time growing up.
Now, everybody everywhere has a hard time growing up. Still mine was a bit more of the stories you end up seeing in a documentary. If you feel like learning about that, I believe you will find it nice to read about me.

As for Digidizem, I suggest it as a way that:

The actual way of life is being exposed to details at the Breaking It Down pages.
I started developing Digidizem as a way of life more than just my own way to express my becoming a being of happiness, after so many people asked me a rather simple question, of which I took great joy answering: "How do you do this thing that you do?" The answer was always a simple example of the root that explains: I asked the universe the question "why?" enough times to get an answer. I sat day and night, for a long time through out the ages 13 to 27, studying electronics, physics, martial arts, philosophies of all kinds and practicing on daily bases (some periods more intensely than others), to get to a place where I could explain the things I got to understand while I walked this path.

The core foundations were measured and put to the test again and again, changing by name and by meaning, until the refined way presented here came into existence.

After several years of being pushed by people around me to 'do something about it', and after writing it down in various ways, every time being asked to donate a copy to this individual or that, I decided to let it be free to everybody else to see, and teach people what I have done, so that if, by any chance, this way of life might fit into place in the mind of even one more person, and by that giving them a way to joy, be it as a whole or by parts, by publishing it at this site, I let it.

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